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Orbit Update News

Kontak Person Pelaksana Program Yayasan Orbit 2014

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  1. M. Syamsoel Arifin, SH selaku Direktur Program, HP 082141272119 zam_addict@yahoo.com 
  2. Rudhy Wedhasmara, SH selaku Wakil Direktur Program, HP 081332211990 sinyo_axo@yahoo.com 
  3. Sari Novia selaku Program Manager Harm Reduction, HP 081217287666 novia_lantera81@yahoo.co.id
  4. Andian Budi Raharjo selaku Koordinator Lapangan Harm Reduction, HP 081234210711 aanmorison@yahoo.com
  5. Alex Kurniawan, S.Pd selaku Program Manager BCI Sidoarjo, HP 081217788863 alexkurniawan80@yahoo.co.id 
  6. M. Faisol, Amd selaku Koordinator Lapangan BCI Sidoarjo, HP 085646214751 giconk_faiz@yahoo.com 
  7. Eka Lilik Mulayani selaku Program Manager BCI Surabaya, HP 089677095483 ekalilikmulyani@yahoo.co.id  
  8. Suparno selaku Koordinator Lapangan BCI Surabaya, HP 087852846662 suparsuparno75@yahoo.co.id 
  9. Lukman Hakim selaku Koordinator Rumah S.O.S, HP 082131222775 lukashakim@yahoo.co.id 
  10. Witanto, SS selaku Program Manager PMTS Pelabuhan, HP 081357445333 wcahpasir@yahoo.com 
  11. Annisa Lestari, S.Psi selaku Finance Officer, HP 081615324440 ica_gustaman@yahoo.com
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