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3 Doctors Contract HIV in Indonesia

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Surabaya. The Institute of Tropical Disease at the University of Airlangga, Surabaya, says three doctors tested positive for HIV/AIDS last year.

A representative said that though it wasn’t clear how they contracted the virus, it was probable that they acquired it through contact with HIV/AIDS patients.

“It was likely related to their profession as doctors,” said professor Nasronudin, chairman at the institute.

Nasronudin reminded doctors to adhere to safe medical practices, as they and paramedics are among those at high risk of contracting the disease.

Aside from doctors’ compliance to certain procedures, patients with HIV/AIDS are require to notify their doctor of their condition, so that certain measures can be taken to avoid further infection, he said.

“[Patients] are also facing a dilemma. Sometimes I asked patients why they didn’t [disclose they had HIV/AIDS]. They say, ‘If I[disclose it], I’m afraid doctors will reject me’. This is homework for doctors and the public,” he said.

Nasronudin also reminded the public that HIV could also be transmitted through blood distributed by the Indonesian Red Cross [PMI].
He said that although PMI uses an antibody screening method to detect whether a donor is infected, the method is not very effective in detecting the virus in its earlier stage during the first three months of infection.

“My suggestion for [blood] donors is that they should take a viral load test [that can] detect HIV during the window period,” he said.
Nasronudin said a common problem is that viral load tests are more expensive. While the antibody screening conducted by PMI only cost about Rp 200,000 ($20), the viral load test cost about Rp 900,000.

Nasronudin said that the likelihood of HIV transmission through a blood transfusion is 1:1, meaning infection is guaranteed if a patient receives a transfusion of infected blood.

(Sumber: http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/3-doctors-contract-hiv-in-indonesia/574510)
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